What are our objectives ?

The Belgian Finance Center was launched in order to :
  • Promote Belgian finance and financial players internationally;
  • Develop communication and exchange between members;
  • Promote and spread research and financial information;
  • Create a feeling of belonging to the local financial world.

The BFC organizes bimonthly conferences on various financial topics linked to innovation.

How do we work ?

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors determines overall strategy and guidelines for BFC activities and programming. The Directors are:
  • Bruno Colmant - University Professor - President of BFC
  • Peter de Proft - Vice-President of BFC
  • Thierry Beauvois - TreeTop Asset Management
  • Jacques Berghmans - TreeTop Asset Management
  • John-Eric Bertrand – Ackermans & van Haaren
  • Jean-Edouard Carbonnelle – Infra4be
  • Olivier de Groote - Deloitte
  • Tanguy de Villenfagne - Candriam
  • Xavier de Walque – Cobepa
  • Philippe Delaunois - SABCA
  • Daniel Falque – Independent Advisor
  • Cécile Flandre – Independent
  • Philippe Masset – Edmond de Rothschild Europe
  • Marc Monbaliu – ex Belgian Treasury
  • Lieve Mostrey - Euroclear
  • Sonja Rottiers - Lloyd’s
  • David Yuan - Nagelmackers
Management Committee
The Management Committee is made up of at least three and no more than ten members. The Management Committee members are:
  • Mouctar Bah – Brussels Africa Hub
  • Marc Bandella - Fédérale
  • Thierry Beauvois - TreeTop Asset Management
  • Badr Boussabat - Belgian Finance Center
  • Damien Crispiels – CIC-Crédit Mutuel
  • Cécile Flandre – Independent
  • Peter De Proft – Lumax Consulting
  • Geoffroy Goenen - Candriam
  • Laurent Marlière - Isfin
  • Valéry Safarian – Triangle Partners Insurance

Full Members
Full Members are either founding members or Associate Members recommended by at least two Full Members and whose Full Membership has been approved at the Annual General Meeting.

Associate Members
Associate Members must be currently employed in a banking or finance position.