Become a Partner

Companies that support our association as a Partner benefit from the following advantages :

  • Their name and logo appear on our site in the list of Partners with a hyperlink to their own commercial site.

  • They may designate two persons from their company who may register as 2021 Member free of charge.

  • The contribution amounts to €1,000 (excluding VAT) for companies or groups with fewer than 250 employees and €2,000 (excluding VAT) for others.

  • Companies that so wish can also become "Gold Sponsor": for a contribution of €5,000 (excl. VAT), in addition to the advantages of the Partners, they can place a banner at each conference, their logo will join that of the Founders on the home page of our website and on the invitations sent electronically to our database of over 5,000 financial executives.

Interested companies are invited to register online.
An invoice will be sent to them.

Contact person details

Type of registration:

1 000- € (+VAT) (company or group with fewer than 250 employees)

2 000- € (+VAT) (company or group with over 250 employees)

5 000- € (+VAT) (Gold Sponsor)

Invited member 1

Invited member 2